Happy birthday !!

Today is my wife’s birthday.

As I didn’t know what to give her, I started to create a new currency (kisses) and I started with a big banknote, 1 million !

Cashable only with me and in nature 🙂

The photo is printed (yes, I know, I should have done it by hand but that’s one of the many things I don’t know how to do).

Gold leaf for the control strip and the dot of the i, embossing for the number, everything else is done in watercolor, different dilutions of Payne’s grey.


It’s been too long since I’ve posted a message on this blog. The fault is mine, mea culpa.
So here is a new work, it seems I can’t get rid of the NEULAND lately.
It’s a quote from Pascal Quignard, embossing on paper blackened with iron gall ink, insertion of golden patina by my wife.

loneliness, a precious stone, silence, darkness

Sorry for the quality of the pictures, the black of the paper is quite shiny and I couldn’t get good pictures in any lighting.


This project will have been going on for almost three years, but it is finally over.

It is therefore about the beatitudes in the version of Saint Luke and according to the text of the vulgate.
The cadel B was made on metal and the embossing on a rag paper whose provenance I have totally forgotten.

I’m rather happy with the result, especially with my abbreviations, ligatures and Tironian notes in the NEULAND style, but even without mentioning these details, the overall view is rather nice, isn’t it?

The bright day is done…

…and we are for the dark.

I don’t know if it’s the end of summer approaching, the various events that are not very good in my life and more generally in the world, but this quote has been imposed on me recently.

It is based on Shakespeare’s play Antony & Cleopatra.

I covered a white watercolour paper with iron gall ink, which I then embossed. And part of the text has been engraved on zinc to have both brilliance and darkness.

The script used is an approximative copy of a gothic script by Rudolf Koch that I have to keep working on to really make it my own.


When I returned from Canada yesterday, I couldn’t resist the paper offered to me by Cynthia, one of my students, and I went back to my work desk.
A very beautiful handmade paper, very flexible, what else can I do but emboss it?

Impatient, I didn’t take the time to find a text that could have taken place on this page, I just made an alphabet inspired by the NEULAND script.

And as I had to be able to discreetly add my signature, as there was still a lot of space at the bottom of the sheet, I made some filigrees (yes, I am an addict, but you already knew that).


A rotten joke (I don’t know how to make others), to be used as a wall lamp in my toilet.

Embossing on varnished handmade paper on a typeface model inspired by the IMPACT font.

I show you several different versions because, depending on the light, the result is really different.

The ends of the wall lamp are made of sanded and varnished cigarillo boxes.

OLD STUFF – Guillevic

I’m going to post here the most interesting (or so I believe) works I made these last 2 years and that were only posted on the french version of the blog.
I hope you will like it even if it can be considered as old stuff.

The concerned posts titles will start by “OLD STUFF”.

To begin with, here is a set of short poems by Guillevic (french poet of the XXth century).

I made them on paper, using the same script (humanistic minuscule) and the same design. The adornment in the circle is supposed to echo the text.