Stained glass de-structured

My first version of stained glass engraved in the slate having been very popular (once shown to the public, it was only 3 days in my company before someone bought it), I decided to make another one, more ambitious and this time using the same method as for the backrest of my seat, ie, by de-structuring the stained glass pattern.
Here is a draft in progress on paper, the concept seems valid to me, all that remains is to engrave the slate.

It took me more than a year to make the first one, this one is three times bigger, you will have to wait a long time before you see the outcome 🙂

Slate is not bad either

Yeah, because granite’s still hard. And when the slabs are already in place, it means making his engraving on his knees which is quickly painful.
So I resumed the slate engraving started last fall and abandoned because of cold.
The pattern is finished, all that remains is to dress it with filigrees. A few more hours of work ahead!

Ongoing engraving

Some news of my latest work (still in progress).
After the preliminary drawing, I started with the engraving on the selected slate plate.

It’s long, very long… one hour and a half later I’m not really further…

My usual chisel (made out of a butter knife) is not sufficient as I have quite a lot of matter to remove so I made a new tool with a steel shaft.
I flattened one end with a hammer before sharpening it with a grindstone.
For the other end, I drilled a cork and stuck it on the shaft.
And here I am, with a brand new chisel perfectly ergonomic.