OLD STUFF – Guillevic

I’m going to post here the most interesting (or so I believe) works I made these last 2 years and that were only posted on the french version of the blog.
I hope you will like it even if it can be considered as old stuff.

The concerned posts titles will start by “OLD STUFF”.

To begin with, here is a set of short poems by Guillevic (french poet of the XXth century).

I made them on paper, using the same script (humanistic minuscule) and the same design. The adornment in the circle is supposed to echo the text.





Mea culpa

I was recently telling you about things clams have to say and insisted on the fact that it wasn’t really enunciated sayings.
I first received some protests which were not really convincing.

Then I received other ones and I now have to admit that clams are not clumsy 🙂
Some can play (& even win) a tic-tac-toe game.

And others are scholarly, they know latin, psalms & english and are even able to arrange bilingual play on words.

In short, I’d like to apologize to all clams I may have offended and hope to hear from them soon.

Stained glass

Back from Coulon where I spent a marvellous week in Gérard Guerry’s workshop, I can show you my latest work.
As it wasn’t very convenient to bring all the mandatory materials for engraving/etching, I went back to work on paper.

It’s the structure of a stained glass window from Saint Hilaire church in Niort, embossed with carbon paper. I finished it by filling the pattern with my unavoidable filigrees 🙂

To see the whole work, follow the link to the gallery.


Back to paper and, almost compulsorily, back to filigrees.
A small Birthday card for a friend who just got 40.

Walnut stain and ferro-gallic ink on paper.
It was far too easy, I got to find new challenges or I will soon get back to my engravings on slate/metal.