a tired little secret

Among the authors I like, there is Eric Vuillard. And among the books he wrote, I particularly appreciated La tristesse de la terre (The Sadness of the Earth). Here is a fragment of it.

I first wrote the text on standard paper before transferring with white carbon paper on a black background, then I touched up the outline of the letters and added the decoration with watercolour.

I wanted to keep the idea of the snowflake, so the text is not very readable, I give it back to you in an approximative translation: “How delicate a snowflake is! It seems like a tired little secret, a lost, inconsolable sweetness.”
If that’s not pure poetry, I’ll eat my hat.

Stained glass

Back from Coulon where I spent a marvellous week in Gérard Guerry’s workshop, I can show you my latest work.
As it wasn’t very convenient to bring all the mandatory materials for engraving/etching, I went back to work on paper.

It’s the structure of a stained glass window from Saint Hilaire church in Niort, embossed with carbon paper. I finished it by filling the pattern with my unavoidable filigrees 🙂

To see the whole work, follow the link to the gallery.

Corpses of cities

At last, I’m done with the calligraphy of Giovanni Papini‘s short story, Corpses of cities.
I used most of my favourites techniques to do this job and I must say that I’m quite happy with the result.

Embossing on carbon paper

Zinc engraving and filigrees

To have a look to the whole work, click here.
Other close ups are available here and there.