This project will have been going on for almost three years, but it is finally over.

It is therefore about the beatitudes in the version of Saint Luke and according to the text of the vulgate.
The cadel B was made on metal and the embossing on a rag paper whose provenance I have totally forgotten.

I’m rather happy with the result, especially with my abbreviations, ligatures and Tironian notes in the NEULAND style, but even without mentioning these details, the overall view is rather nice, isn’t it?


 In order to let pieces I have just varnished dry for a project that will incorporate other elements, I have hung the different parts in the workshop.
I almost feel like leaving them like that, they make very nice motives.

Well, I’ll take them down once they’re dry but I’m keeping the idea for later and create mobiles using cadels letter elements in metal, it’s going to be great !

More vine

Slate engraving is fun but it doesn’t help with my project of white vine on metal.
Time for a new round with a new pattern.

First step, the draft on paper

Second step, copy on the metal plate before clearing the spaces for the etching

I’m back

Long time since I posted here, my apologies.
Now that I feel a little bit less lazy, I’ll try to keep you updated on what’s going on in the workshop 🙂

And today, I finished the calligraphy of a song, Alligator 427, from the french singer Hubert Félix Thiéfaine.
I’ve been thinking about it for years (the first drafts are from 2011 !!) and it’s done !
And, as far as I can say, quite well done (I really like it).

I transferred a photograph (paint marks on a sidewalk) on an old zinc plate, etched the title using acid and ended by writing the text in NEULAND script.

MC & G

They said yes to each other yesterday and we were there to see that. We had a marvelous day.

Now, I can show you the monogram I made for them.

To see the whole thing, just have a look to the gallery.

And, as one has to dress a bit for a wedding, I made this chain mail tie, quite nice even if a bit heavy 🙂

For my wife’s neck, I chose something a bit lighter, I made her this pendant of slate, engraved with a filigree pattern and gilded with gold powder.


I had a few easels, wooden and small ones. They didn’t stay right, were fragile, kind of bulls**t.
As I had an exhibition coming fast, I decided that I needed something more resistant so … here is the result :

It doesn’t resemble to anything but it’s not a problem. 80cm of electric wire, carefully bent and here I am, perfectly stable, solid and almost invisible easels. The only problem may be the color but I had some red wire and no time to go and buy some other.

And, as I’m a very gentle guy, here is another cadel letter, this time it’s an L.