Pangram curtain

The winter sun is sometimes annoying when I work in my workshop, so my wife made me a curtain.
But I can’t leave a fabric of this surface untouched! I have to scribble on it!
And as I didn’t know which text to use, I fell back on pangrams in several languages.
The advantage is that it will give my trainees ideas when they take calligraphy classes in the workshop and don’t know what to write.
I’m only at the beginning, I started with a pangram in English and in NEULAND.

I continued with a German version in Gothic fraktur…

the next one will be a French version, soon…


 In order to let pieces I have just varnished dry for a project that will incorporate other elements, I have hung the different parts in the workshop.
I almost feel like leaving them like that, they make very nice motives.

Well, I’ll take them down once they’re dry but I’m keeping the idea for later and create mobiles using cadels letter elements in metal, it’s going to be great !

Still in progress

Well, it’s true that I had announced something other than filigrees in this post.
But you know me, I’m a maniac, an obsessed man…
So the further work on this composition includes… filigrees

Until I have finished, you will only be allowed partial views, I hope these will satisfy you enough to wait a little more 🙂

Stained glass de-structured

My first version of stained glass engraved in the slate having been very popular (once shown to the public, it was only 3 days in my company before someone bought it), I decided to make another one, more ambitious and this time using the same method as for the backrest of my seat, ie, by de-structuring the stained glass pattern.
Here is a draft in progress on paper, the concept seems valid to me, all that remains is to engrave the slate.

It took me more than a year to make the first one, this one is three times bigger, you will have to wait a long time before you see the outcome 🙂

On going filigree

 More filigrees, this time a little larger than usual.
It is only the preparatory work, the final result (from a material point of view) will probably be quite different.

A first picture in progress with the marker to give an idea of the size

And the finished pattern before moving on to the next step of the realization