V is for Very long time

It’s really been a very long time since I’ve inflicted one of my filigree lettering on you. Probably because I took a break and devoted myself to other elements of calligraphy.

So here is a two-tone V with filigrees (a little different from what I usually do) and my unavoidable little gilded dots.

Blue circle

I had a leftover blue, so I took a piece of paper and filigree. The circle in the center  is about 2.5cm in diameter.

And I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you that there are still a few places left for the online course on filigree that will take place this weekend. During this course we will discuss the elements present in this little realization.

Information and registration on this page.

Fame !!

I am very happy, there is an article dedicated to my work is featured in the last issue of Bound & Lettered, an American magazine published by John Neal.
In addition to many illustrations & explanations of my work in general and in particular on filigrees, you will find there the pictures of the different steps of the letter E I was telling you about earlier and that is now finished !