I’m busy

Long time since I posted something here (again).

It’s just because I’m very busy, being hosted as an artist in residence in Saint Amand les Eaux during the event le mai de la calligraphie.

I am working on a detailed study of the writings and decorations of the second bible of Charles the Bald, bible which was written in the abbey where I have my workshop and my exhibition.

But I also have visitors !!

young students from nearby schools

hearing impaired accompanied by a sign language interpreter

and this weekend, I gave a lecture on the way I work, from the study of medieval manuscripts to contemporary creation

One more week to go and it will end with a workshop on golden Romanesque versals.

Filigree course, the come back

Next year (that is to say very soon now), I will teach filigrees online again.

Filigrees, a manuscript approach is a 4 hours course (2×2 hours) where I will talk about different filigree patterns from several manuscripts.

This new versal shows examples of some of these patterns.

The course (in English) will take place on January 14 and 15, from 6 to 8 PM, French time.
It will be taught via zoom and the recording will be available for one month after the live.

The cost of the course is 60€.

You can register by clicking on this link.