December 25

 The Christmas holidays are approaching and you may not know what to offer your loved ones in these troubled times.

I propose you filigreed letters and monograms.

The materials (inks, paints, gilding, papers) are used according to your requests.

Prices range from 20 to 200€ (excluding shipping costs) depending on the size and complexity requested.

For any order, you can contact me by mail or by phone from the contact information displayed on this page.

some recent examples with a quartet of Payne grey lettering 2 cm high

and then a lighter blue for a D of the same size

walnut ink, always at 2 cm

And a large monogram (letters of 4cm and filigree of 10) with gilding. 

The secret I’m looking for…

End of year, end of composition.
I’m done with the fragment of “L’Été” by Camus.
Partly in NEULAND, partly in Gothic, both scripts being inspired by Rudolf Koch.

Watercolou, iron gall ink and gouache on kraft paper.

And I take this opportunity to wish you a very good New Year’s Eve & an excellent year 2020.

Back to basics

All coaches will tell you that when nothing works, you have to go back to basics.
So here is a new flower, a pattern of my own composition that I have already practiced a number of times.
It is 5 cm in diameter, on handmade paper, gilding with gold leaf, alizarin lacquer and gum arabic for the background, iron gall ink for the filigree

I’m not unhappy with the result, it gives me confidence to start working on new compositions and I needed it because of my last drafts!