The secret I’m looking for…

End of year, end of composition.
I’m done with the fragment of “L’Été” by Camus.
Partly in NEULAND, partly in Gothic, both scripts being inspired by Rudolf Koch.

Watercolou, iron gall ink and gouache on kraft paper.

And I take this opportunity to wish you a very good New Year’s Eve & an excellent year 2020.

Kraft is life

At least, that’s what my wife claims (her background as a framer probably had something to do with it). To please her, I wrote this sentence on a kraft strip stuck on the door of her workshop.

And since it made me want to write in NEULAND (tampering with it a bit, I admit), I started the calligraphy, on kraft, of a fragment from L’été by Camus.

Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?

Tell me I’m the one, otherwise I’ll break you once more in tiny bits.

Inspired by kintsukuroi but not having the necessary amount of gold on hand, my wife repaired an old broken mirror with kraft that I then decorated with this little warning: -D

Happy Birthday

Today is my wife’s birthday.
I worked in secret for quite a while on this little drawing and gave it to her this morning. And guess what ? She liked it !

Which proves that an imitation of a bad inkjet printing of an over-contrasted pic can be a good present 😉
And here is a close-up so you can see the work on lines
As an information, the drawing has been made with a metal nib with a mix of pigment and arabic gum on kraft paper