Oblique moon

After a few weeks of doubts, failures and trial and errors, I finally composed a new calligraphy on a text by Guillevic.
I deliver it to you very hot out of the workshop, even if the subject is quite cold 😉

as in the first composition, it was made from walnut stain and iron gall ink, this time with a few gold-leaf dots to lighten and warm up the subject.


After a first course given in French and English (with an Italian translator to complete the picture) in MiroModo, Italy this winter and, in anticipation of other courses of the same type, I decided to compose small panels to identify the preferred language of the trainees I am addressing.
As I only speak French and English, it’s not too difficult to do, here are the first copies.

the reproductions (no, I didn’t compose each copy manually) are less good but still usable, so that you can better distinguish the patterns, here is a better quality version of each side.

B as in Bird

This is probably a little letter from the book of Kells (I think), made more than 15 years ago (that’s why the source is not very trustworthy), and it has been forgotten in a drawing board for more than ten years.
I didn’t add the colors (in case you haven’t noticed, color is not my thing) but it’s probably pretty much in line with the original from a design point of view (& not color)).