The garden of delights

 I call it by this name because of the well-being it provides in exchange for the care we provide but it’s just my garden.

Here is a calligraphic version in NEULAND variations which lists almost all the contents of the place.

And could I do it without filigrees?

Of course not, I even invented some new patterns for the occasion

And, for once, I put, not only color, but GREEN !!!!

Lots of different greens, mixed with red, blue, yellow, brown but still greens.

The scale is not always respected but the layouts and the general shape are.

ABC workshop

 I haven’t posted anything on this blog for ages, too busy elsewhere.

Summer is here, time to make the workshop more visible for the tourist on the go.

I am open every Saturday morning from 9:30 am to 1 pm and at other times of the week, as soon as I am at work, the workshop is open.

You will have noticed that my taste for shimmering color mixes is becoming more and more pronounced with time.

The fury of creating

 A new composition with a NEULAND reworked on a text by Emile Zola proposed by my wife.

The writing was done with a piece of wood and watercolor (Payne gray), the decoration is inspired by the tiled backgrounds of the Gothic period with a line whose center is the O of glory at the penultimate line.

I used several blues and greys as well as gold leaf for the small decorative elements.

The paper is a mixture of hemp and linen with straw inclusions.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that I will be conducting an online course (in French) on NEULAND on December 12 & 13.


My version of Genesis, in computer language (php) and in colors (as in my code editor), with the result displayed.

First, connect to server caelum (the sky) with username Moyses and password rubusarderet (burning bush) to access the database genesis.
If the connection fails, the system displays a fragment of an epigram of Martial: There is no god, the sky is empty.
Otherwise, we look for Genesis images and display them in ascending order.
If this step fails, a fragment of the Vulgate text will be displayed: terra est inanis et vacua.

The text and symbols are inspired by NEULAND with the introduction of uncial forms of abbreviations and ligatures.
Then there are the images, in iron gall ink, of the different days:
separation of light and darkness
separation of upper and lower waters
separation of land and water and creation of plants
creation of the moon, the sun and the stars
creation of birds and fish
creation of animals and man


It’s been too long since I’ve posted a message on this blog. The fault is mine, mea culpa.
So here is a new work, it seems I can’t get rid of the NEULAND lately.
It’s a quote from Pascal Quignard, embossing on paper blackened with iron gall ink, insertion of golden patina by my wife.

loneliness, a precious stone, silence, darkness

Sorry for the quality of the pictures, the black of the paper is quite shiny and I couldn’t get good pictures in any lighting.