ABC workshop

 I haven’t posted anything on this blog for ages, too busy elsewhere.

Summer is here, time to make the workshop more visible for the tourist on the go.

I am open every Saturday morning from 9:30 am to 1 pm and at other times of the week, as soon as I am at work, the workshop is open.

You will have noticed that my taste for shimmering color mixes is becoming more and more pronounced with time.

Pangram curtain

The winter sun is sometimes annoying when I work in my workshop, so my wife made me a curtain.
But I can’t leave a fabric of this surface untouched! I have to scribble on it!
And as I didn’t know which text to use, I fell back on pangrams in several languages.
The advantage is that it will give my trainees ideas when they take calligraphy classes in the workshop and don’t know what to write.
I’m only at the beginning, I started with a pangram in English and in NEULAND.

I continued with a German version in Gothic fraktur…

the next one will be a French version, soon…

Sind frei

I continued typing on Namur blue stone, just to experiment with various tools.

It’s a bit too blurry for my taste, I’ll try another approach but not right away.
I have to wait until the weather improves a little, temperatures and rainfall do not encourage me to work outside for now.

Seneca Draft

For several months, I had this paper from Kéréon mill that I didn’t know what to do with. Very nice paper but quite difficult to use because of its composition (linen + peat) which gives it a very rough surface, even uneven.
And last night, the illumination: the crate wood!
I only recently started using this “tool” for calligraphy because it’s not really made for small writing modules and I have a hard time working in large format, not that it’s difficult but I don’t find it very beautiful in general.
Anyway, here is a first draft made with Indian ink and crate wood on this exceptional paper.

I think I will continue in this way, with a slightly smaller module (here the letters are 6 cm high) and I hope to have a composition soon with this fragment of a text of Seneca.