This project will have been going on for almost three years, but it is finally over.

It is therefore about the beatitudes in the version of Saint Luke and according to the text of the vulgate.
The cadel B was made on metal and the embossing on a rag paper whose provenance I have totally forgotten.

I’m rather happy with the result, especially with my abbreviations, ligatures and Tironian notes in the NEULAND style, but even without mentioning these details, the overall view is rather nice, isn’t it?

Mind moves matter

It is Virgil who says it in the Aeneid and, of course, he says it in Latin: Mens agitat molem

And so, my mind, without really moving matter, transforms it.

It is a shale pebble, hand engraved with my faithful butter knife and a nail for the filigree pattern. And to give you an idea of the size, one last picture of the work when it was in progress and I was holding the pebble in my hand.

Mea culpa

I was recently telling you about things clams have to say and insisted on the fact that it wasn’t really enunciated sayings.
I first received some protests which were not really convincing.

Then I received other ones and I now have to admit that clams are not clumsy 🙂
Some can play (& even win) a tic-tac-toe game.

And others are scholarly, they know latin, psalms & english and are even able to arrange bilingual play on words.

In short, I’d like to apologize to all clams I may have offended and hope to hear from them soon.


Last weekend, I went for a walk on a pebble beach not far from home where the pebbles are made of schist and not of granite as usual in the area.
I picked up some to see whether I could make something out of them.

Thus passes the glory of the world

I wrote/engraved the sentence directly, I think I will polish a bit the next one before to make sure the letters are really sharp.

If you want peace …

Having started to thin out the leaves from the book entitled “Instruction du 1er janvier 1923 sur les grenades à l’usage des troupes de toutes armes” for a work on a poem by Léo Ferré, I’m left with a load of unused leaves which content is quite martial.
I decided to take advantage of this to work on the famous sentence : “Si vis pacem, para bellum”.

To see the whole work, follow this link.