Felices ter et amplius …

I’ve been playing a lot with engraving recently, here is my latest work.

It’s a delicious fragment from an ode by Horatius. To read the text and its translation (in french) follow this link, to see the whole composition, follow this one.

One thought on “Felices ter et amplius …”

  1. I have noticed that this stanza of Horace's ode, has been misinterpreted, and thus, its translation has been compromised. There is nothing in the Latin text alluding to "final days". Horace has a tendency of using the word dies as a feminine noun, or divine entity, that's why the term supreme is in the fem. ablative, and in agreement with the word die, which is in the ablative as well. Unfortunately, some faux experts have failed to notice these facts, which have contributed in the dissemination of faulty translations on this Latin excerpt, as well as the whole text of the famous Carpe Diem, To give a hint, in "(…) suprema…die…", he is talking about the moment of the greatest appointment or date.

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