The flesh is sad…

  …alas, and I read all the books

Fragment of a poem by Mallarmé realized on a page of a dictionary (the book par excellence).

And, to be a little in my era, I calligraphed these verses with a palette pen by reinterpreting a typeface, the COURIER NEW whose spaces are somettimes  bad and which still are in my interpretation.

The whole was calligraphied in Payne’s grey and, for decoration, a little bit of watercolor with some white and ultramarine blue.

Mea culpa

I was recently telling you about things clams have to say and insisted on the fact that it wasn’t really enunciated sayings.
I first received some protests which were not really convincing.

Then I received other ones and I now have to admit that clams are not clumsy 🙂
Some can play (& even win) a tic-tac-toe game.

And others are scholarly, they know latin, psalms & english and are even able to arrange bilingual play on words.

In short, I’d like to apologize to all clams I may have offended and hope to hear from them soon.


My workshop on embossing approaches fast, time for me to review the basics.
I’m also doing some researches on knotworks based on triangle patterns and not on the regular square ones. The result is this little knotwork embossed on watercolor paper.

As we are talking about embossing, here is a small ampersand, done a few weeks ago.
Unlike the regular embossings where the embossed parts are smoother than the others, here I added some texture to the embossing.