After the latin alphabet, after the greek alphabet, I’m using more esoteric symbols to create little works with filigrees.
And I stopped using wallnut stain to do the whole work with my home made ferro-gallic ink.

One of the symbols used for arsenic in alchemical manuscripts :

And a stylized fleur de lys

As for the symbols shapes, I found my inspiration in the very good (even if too short) book by Rudolf Koch, The Book of Signs.

ABC etc

Last weekend, unusually, I had some time to work. But the sky was as blue as an orang utan so I decided to go to the beach, even if the water was so cold that I soon looked as an orang utan. Anyway, I manage to produce some little things, the beginning of an alphabet of brooches and, as I really love books, a nother brooch for my personnal use…

The initials are inspired by the Art Nouveau with a puzzle look which comes from the gothic period, and I like them. Not to mention my SERIAL READER brooch that I love !