New version of the periodic table of elements. After a reinterpretation of the first version of the Mendeleïev table, this time I used a classification of the elements by energy of first ionization.

The abscissa of the graph is the atomic number (Z) and the ordinate the energy in electronvolt (eV).

Some elements are indicated by their symbol written on an embossed square, the others by a simple golden square with the atomic number in Roman numerals.

For the decoration, I used my small arched filigrees and a copy of the traces left by the disintegration of particles in the CERN collider.


Finally, I added some equations used in the field of ionization.

and here is the final result

Today, it’s chemistry !

And it is a reinterpretation of Mendeleev’s table as he presented it in 1870.
Of course, some elements are missing compared to what we know today and the usual representation reverses the lines and columns compared to this one but it is always good (or almost), to return from time to time to the fundamentals 🙂

I calligraphed the symbols of the elements with walnut stain and I decorated the table with iron gall ink, decorating the different cells with small clouds of electrons.

And (I shouldn’t say this but you don’t get to do it again), I had made a mistake in the position of the gold (Au), I cut out the incriminated square and replaced it with an embossing of a golden patina that my wife had made on kraft paper. I think it’s very beautiful, it’s normal, it’s my wife who made it 🙂

Solitude and society

On the weekend of 18 & 19 April 2020, I will teach a workshop at the Welkenraedt Cultural Centre. It will be devoted to the writing and part of the decoration of the second Bible of Charles the Bald.
I worked on this manuscript more than 10 years ago and, in preparation for the workshop, I am getting back to it and trying some variations (especially of hues) based on a text by Seneca.

Decorated capital letters and original text with walnut stain, French translation into a later writing in iron gall ink.

Write !

A beautiful text by Colette on the act of writing from La Vagabonde.
It’s only a fragment, she talks about it in different ways, but it’s the one that caught my attention the most.
Who knows, maybe I’ll calligraphy the rest another day?

I was very influenced by Rudolf Koch in this composition, first with the title in NEULAND, then with the gothic script, inspired by the one found in his book of signs.

And, to contrast, I have chosen a less “violent” humanistic script for the second part of the text.

Back to basics

All coaches will tell you that when nothing works, you have to go back to basics.
So here is a new flower, a pattern of my own composition that I have already practiced a number of times.
It is 5 cm in diameter, on handmade paper, gilding with gold leaf, alizarin lacquer and gum arabic for the background, iron gall ink for the filigree

I’m not unhappy with the result, it gives me confidence to start working on new compositions and I needed it because of my last drafts!