Day’s dream

 A work for four hands and above all for two brains. My wife offered me this fragment of Zola’s Germinal. And we both worked on the composition, the writing, the colours.

Then, of course, once I had finished scribbling on the paper, she did the framing.

I am very happy with the result.

The writing is a 16th century humanistic, and I am happy to have gone back to an older type of decoration, the tiled background for the strip on the side.

Different dilutions of Payne’s grey and leaf gilding to bring the light.

Write !

A beautiful text by Colette on the act of writing from La Vagabonde.
It’s only a fragment, she talks about it in different ways, but it’s the one that caught my attention the most.
Who knows, maybe I’ll calligraphy the rest another day?

I was very influenced by Rudolf Koch in this composition, first with the title in NEULAND, then with the gothic script, inspired by the one found in his book of signs.

And, to contrast, I have chosen a less “violent” humanistic script for the second part of the text.