A tribute

This year, we celebrate the hundredth anniversary of Marcel Proust’s death and the thirtieth anniversary of Peyo’s.

As a tribute to these two great artists, I made this little lettering as a wink.

A first version gave this :

And, as I’m really fond of justified text columns, here is a second version :

These are drafts, there will probably be a third version, with decoration and color!!!

The flies

A draft, made a long time ago.
These are selected bits from the play Les Mouches by Sartre. I used different gothic scripts for the different characters.
The obvious things to do for the final version are :

  • use a paper a little better than this one
  • remove the red versals, stay in monochrome + gold, maybe insert some cadels instead
  • revise the script used for Orestes and Electra
  • add a few more lines
  • and do it all on a paper big enough to have only one column!

If all goes well, the final version will be released this summer.

Seneca Draft

For several months, I had this paper from Kéréon mill that I didn’t know what to do with. Very nice paper but quite difficult to use because of its composition (linen + peat) which gives it a very rough surface, even uneven.
And last night, the illumination: the crate wood!
I only recently started using this “tool” for calligraphy because it’s not really made for small writing modules and I have a hard time working in large format, not that it’s difficult but I don’t find it very beautiful in general.
Anyway, here is a first draft made with Indian ink and crate wood on this exceptional paper.

I think I will continue in this way, with a slightly smaller module (here the letters are 6 cm high) and I hope to have a composition soon with this fragment of a text of Seneca.