Layout and Art Nouveau

There are still a few places left for this weekend’s class in the workshop.
It will be dedicated to Art Nouveau and composition.
As an example of what will be covered during this course, some pictures of a work in progress on a fragment of Rilke’s Sonnets at Orpheus.

first pencil version

second version reworked for justification

third version in ink, first draft of the final version without the decoration

If you are interested, you can still contact me 🙂

Draft of happiness

I have already told you many times about Guillevic, a 20th century Breton poet and a wonderful goldsmith of words.
I read & reread more collections of his poems and decided to make a new calligraphy series.

Unlike the first ones, which were circular with a humanistic script, this time I go on NEULAND reinterpreted in square formats.
Here is  a fragment of a first draft (with a blurry photo and a wet ink) until I have something better to show.

And I invite you to take these two verses as your motto, as for me I will try to do it.
An approximate translation would be: “you don’t have to be happy, but you can try”

Alphabet – next step

Once cleaned, here are the letters from my alphabet (technological miracle, I inverted the pic so you can see them on the right side).
As you can see, I made a mistake on some of them, the ones that looks inverted after being inverted :-/

Moreover, my printing tries are just awful, so awful that I won’t show even a bit of them.
I tihnk I’ll have to restart from the beginning, differently, with more care, briefly : to be followed…

To make you wait, here is a pic of the residues of the cleaning which is, probably, the best thing I got out of it.