It’s long been a given that colour is not my thing.
confirmation after a few hours of work…

I show you the long version.

The gilding

The first letter

The second one

the different steps of the filigree

The final version

It’s ugly (the first one who tells me that no, I banish him forever in the limbo of the internet)
So I’m gonna do it again. How ? I don’t know yet.
What’s for sure is that this afternoon, I’m gonna go gardening, it’ll give me a rest.

Alphabet – next step

Once cleaned, here are the letters from my alphabet (technological miracle, I inverted the pic so you can see them on the right side).
As you can see, I made a mistake on some of them, the ones that looks inverted after being inverted :-/

Moreover, my printing tries are just awful, so awful that I won’t show even a bit of them.
I tihnk I’ll have to restart from the beginning, differently, with more care, briefly : to be followed…

To make you wait, here is a pic of the residues of the cleaning which is, probably, the best thing I got out of it.

Vine on copper : fail

I already told you about the beginning of my first try in engraving a plate of copper. Here are the next steps with, at first, the plate after a few weeks in contact with vinegar.

Everything was going well, I decided to remove the varnish and then washed the palte with water and soap to remove the last traces of white spirit. And suddenly, no oxyd any more 🙁
No more blue, no more green, evrything disappeared in the cleaning :-((

We still can see the pattern but that’s at all the result I counted on. Just have to do it again…