Vine on copper : fail

I already told you about the beginning of my first try in engraving a plate of copper. Here are the next steps with, at first, the plate after a few weeks in contact with vinegar.

Everything was going well, I decided to remove the varnish and then washed the palte with water and soap to remove the last traces of white spirit. And suddenly, no oxyd any more 🙁
No more blue, no more green, evrything disappeared in the cleaning :-((

We still can see the pattern but that’s at all the result I counted on. Just have to do it again…

Last chance before disappearance

I invite everyone of you to came and have a look to the mural in my gallery on friday, december the 14th from 6PM.
It will be the last chance to see it as, from 7PM the same day, every person will be asked to participate in its erasure (paint, roller and protective clothing supplied).

I hope you will be numerous to join this event 🙂