December 25

 The Christmas holidays are approaching and you may not know what to offer your loved ones in these troubled times.

I propose you filigreed letters and monograms.

The materials (inks, paints, gilding, papers) are used according to your requests.

Prices range from 20 to 200€ (excluding shipping costs) depending on the size and complexity requested.

For any order, you can contact me by mail or by phone from the contact information displayed on this page.

some recent examples with a quartet of Payne grey lettering 2 cm high

and then a lighter blue for a D of the same size

walnut ink, always at 2 cm

And a large monogram (letters of 4cm and filigree of 10) with gilding. 

The fury of creating

 A new composition with a NEULAND reworked on a text by Emile Zola proposed by my wife.

The writing was done with a piece of wood and watercolor (Payne gray), the decoration is inspired by the tiled backgrounds of the Gothic period with a line whose center is the O of glory at the penultimate line.

I used several blues and greys as well as gold leaf for the small decorative elements.

The paper is a mixture of hemp and linen with straw inclusions.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that I will be conducting an online course (in French) on NEULAND on December 12 & 13.