I’m busy

Long time since I posted something here (again).

It’s just because I’m very busy, being hosted as an artist in residence in Saint Amand les Eaux during the event le mai de la calligraphie.

I am working on a detailed study of the writings and decorations of the second bible of Charles the Bald, bible which was written in the abbey where I have my workshop and my exhibition.

But I also have visitors !!

young students from nearby schools

hearing impaired accompanied by a sign language interpreter

and this weekend, I gave a lecture on the way I work, from the study of medieval manuscripts to contemporary creation

One more week to go and it will end with a workshop on golden Romanesque versals.

ten-hand game

This weekend was the installation and opening of the exhibition in Sarlat with Alyssia Banon, Julien Breton, Stéphane Alfonsi and myself.
On Saturday, we sat around a table and let ourselves go to mix our worlds, with the contribution of Emmanuel Spaeth who had come to visit us and the kind help of Mathieu Bureau.
At the end of the day, here is the result….

To see the real works of each of them, you have to go to the Sarlat cultural centre


 It’s the pretty month of May.
It is time for the spring exhibition in the chapel of Saint Ourzal in Porspoder.
And you can see my work there, Tuesday 8 and Thursday 10 May from 14h to 18h.

I am not alone, there are Richard Lempereur, Jean-Yves André and the members of the calligraphy societies of Brest, Saint-Renan and Porspoder.


Back from the exhibition in Coulon, it has been a great time in a very nice place.
I met very interesting people and hope to go back very soon.

the swamp


As you can see, I’ve been working a bit during my stay. Some more pictures soon …


It has been quite a long time since I last posted something here. I can reassure you, it’s just that I didn’t produce any new work 🙂

I just wanted to advertise my next exhibition. From next monday and for 2 weeks, I’ll be presenting my latest works at the Atelier du 112 in Coulon, France.


I’m in the process of installing my own gallery and I just hung the nine hexagrams of the I Ching still in my possession.

One can see the reflection of the opposite wall where I started to calligraphy some texts to brighten up the room.

I hope to be able to show more pictures soon and above all to open the gallery with a nice exhibition.