My wife, who is (among other talents) an excellent framer, offered me a small round frame in mahogany tones and told me to find something to put in it.
Challenge taken up (after several failures). And I chose, you’ll never guess,… filigrees!

I used two very different dilutions of the walnut stain to get a little more variety. And, if you ask yourself the question, the circle is 7.5cm in diameter.

Inked circles

Some tries for a project that may be stillborn if I consider the enthusiasm I feel when looking at the results (or maybe I just should try harder).

Some circles are not too bad, here are a few close-ups to show the ones I prefer

What about you ? Do you like some of them ?

OLD STUFF – Guillevic

I’m going to post here the most interesting (or so I believe) works I made these last 2 years and that were only posted on the french version of the blog.
I hope you will like it even if it can be considered as old stuff.

The concerned posts titles will start by “OLD STUFF”.

To begin with, here is a set of short poems by Guillevic (french poet of the XXth century).

I made them on paper, using the same script (humanistic minuscule) and the same design. The adornment in the circle is supposed to echo the text.