When I returned from Canada yesterday, I couldn’t resist the paper offered to me by Cynthia, one of my students, and I went back to my work desk.
A very beautiful handmade paper, very flexible, what else can I do but emboss it?

Impatient, I didn’t take the time to find a text that could have taken place on this page, I just made an alphabet inspired by the NEULAND script.

And as I had to be able to discreetly add my signature, as there was still a lot of space at the bottom of the sheet, I made some filigrees (yes, I am an addict, but you already knew that).

2 thoughts on “ABC…Embossing…XYZ”

  1. Great embossing. Do you know the name of the paper? It was a pleasure meeting you. I hope we can see you again soon. Dorothy Yuki

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