Happy birthday !!

Today is my wife’s birthday.

As I didn’t know what to give her, I started to create a new currency (kisses) and I started with a big banknote, 1 million !

Cashable only with me and in nature 🙂

The photo is printed (yes, I know, I should have done it by hand but that’s one of the many things I don’t know how to do).

Gold leaf for the control strip and the dot of the i, embossing for the number, everything else is done in watercolor, different dilutions of Payne’s grey.

3 thoughts on “Happy birthday !!”

  1. What a sweet husband you are. She is the happiest lady!
    Was she born in January? I was too.

    Thank you for the great lessons. I really enjoyed it.
    I would like you to continue the course.

    1. thank you 🙂
      Yes, she was born in January, the 8th.
      They will probably be another course on other filigrees next month, I will keep you updated.

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