do you like cats?

Romantic writers are good. Physics is good too!
First item in what I hope will be a long series, with Schrödinger to start with.

I’m quite happy with the variations on the Greek letters as well as the ², not to mention the () and the +.

I’m going to take out my college physics books to calligraphy some more equations, it’s quite fun, especially to add a legend.
This time I did it in English, the next one might be in French, German or Latin, I still hesitate.

Granite is fantastic

It was nice last weekend so I couldn’t stay scribbling in my workshop, I had to enjoy the garden a bit.
And I undertook to decorate the alley with various motifs, directly engraved in the slabs.

Starting at the end

and then trying a basic knotwork pattern

it’s still quite long to do, granite is not easily incised, I will think about new patterns for next weekend if the weather continues.

Know thyself

An umpteenth version of this sentence engraved on the Oracle’s temple in Delphi : Know thyself.

This time, I mixed an embossed roman capital with its greek counterpart, letterred on tin and electro-etched to show the hidden parts of the roman caps.
I’m very happy with the result, already thinking of new works using the same technique. Impatient !!!

To see the whole thing, click here. The pic is not very good, it’s difficult to get enough light to reveal the whole etching :-

Know Thyself

… and thou shalt know the universe and God.

This phrase has been on my list of things to calligraph for several years. After several attempts at very different compositions, I think I have found what suits this phrase affixed to the pediment of the temple of the oracle at Delphi.

Of course, it’s the French version here 🙂