Etched white vine

My latest engraving on zinc, this time with a brand new metal plate (not corroded).

The initial is 2cm high.
The result is not too bad but it needs more definition, the vine is much too simple and the varnish didn’t cover properly all the surface, not to mention that the lines are often quaking.
Nevertheless a good proof of concept.


4 thoughts on “Etched white vine”

  1. I'll just try one more time to comment here before I give up and go back to FaceBook…
    Very nice. It is great to see what you are doing with these different techniques.
    For 2cm high, the vine is okay. Those qualities given by the varnish not covering &c. are what (in my opinion) make the effect more interesting than other monochromatic techniques. "Quaking" lines are cool. [Just like you use your carbon paper becaue you like the effect.)
    On the other hand, I'm not nuts about the funky quality of the serifs.
    And unless you've "put one over on me" I never have to worry about proofreading your interlace! Such a joy!

  2. Just remember it's all positive!
    I'm seldom going to join the ranks of people who just keep ticking the "Wondeful! Excellent work!" box over and over again.
    But I think you're doing interesting and exciting stuff.
    Wonderful! Excellent work!

  3. I know you always comment in a positive manner, I'm not taking it the wrong way !
    One of your criticisms is worth hundreds of wonderful 🙂
    I was impatient to test my idea and to see the result of the engraving, that's why I did it so badly, I promise to do much better next time

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