At last, I’m done with the “first adventure” of the Nibelungenlied. In addition to the calligraphy in gothic fraktur script, I wrote the title into runes, partly engraved on zinc and partly embossed.

As I was saying in my previous message, I’m quite satisfied with it 🙂

To see the whole thing, click here.
And as the picture is a bit small, you can get à look at two closeups here and there.


This week-end, among other things, I got married.
I didn’t have much time to make the most of my calligraphy skills but I nevertheless did some little things.

My tie clip

The wedding box 

The borders of the table clothes

It has been a magical moment and I thank everyone who was there (even just by thought) to celebrate this turning point in our life.


After the cut-out comes the embossing.

I’m not satisfied, runes are not legible enough due to the strips between lignes.
I have two possibilities : 
– rework the cut-out to narrow these strips but, fragile as it is, I may destroy the matrix
– restart from the beginning

I’m going to think about it for a while in case a third possibility arise.


A coming event will require that I wear a tie. I already did a few times and there are plenty of how-to on the web explaining the making of the knot so I’m not too stressed.
Being aware of the existence of the tie clip, I decided to make my own one to avoid potential issues while eating, here is the result.
I chose a short quotation from the Ecclesiastes, written in runic alphabet and engraved on a plate of zinc.