After the cut-out comes the embossing.

I’m not satisfied, runes are not legible enough due to the strips between lignes.
I have two possibilities : 
– rework the cut-out to narrow these strips but, fragile as it is, I may destroy the matrix
– restart from the beginning

I’m going to think about it for a while in case a third possibility arise.

5 thoughts on “Embossing”

  1. thanks Letterlady & Sue 🙂

    Whatever I do, I will have to do on another paper, this one is lost.
    I already tried to emboss twice the same paper and I couldn't do it precisely enough to avoid marks.
    Same thing for "debossing", the paper will keep a trace of it and I don't want that.

  2. If it's "lost" anyway, why not add colour. (It could be black. I know how you feel about color.) Either colour what I understand to be the counterspace of each character; OR colour the inter-character spaces. If I understand what I'm seeing, these are two different things, and that is the problem. Or is it?

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