We’ve got to make things

So as I have a lot of time, I decorate the ceiling of my workshop with 0 and 1 stamps (hand-made by cutting out old erasers), a binary translation of a text by one of my favourite authors, Albert Caraco.

I’ve “written” about one twelfth of the text for now, I think I’ll be done before the end of the confinement 🙂

Be well and stay home

Me fecit

Because I don’t thank her enough for the excellent work she does to highlight my compositions with her frames, because she deserves to be fully associated with my work, I made this little stamp for my wife.

This is of course not enough to account for all the help she gives me (you can imagine that she is not only framing my works) but she will now at least be able to put her signature on the back of the frames.

Yummy shortbread

The first shortbreads made with buckwheat came out of the oven at Escopty’s farm (it is in Coat-Méal, and they are on the market in Saint-Renan on Saturday morning and on Wednesday afternoon in Milizac, both being small towns in France, sorry if you’re not in the neighbourhood)
With the careful care and expertise of Anne, the baker, this is what a buckwheat shortbread stamped with my apple tree stamp looks like

In addition to being pretty pretty, they are absolutely delicious: -p