spring roll

Whew, just before the solstice, thanks to my wife, I managed to create two rolls to store brushes, pen-holders and other tools.

The two closed rolls

The first, with red buttonholes and filigrees, with some tools.

The second, with a reworked NEULAND lorem ipsum and its black buttonholes filled with different brushes

The same but without the tools

And finally, the back of this second bag


Once checked, the pattern of interlacing on my last nesting box is not terrible…

this is the construction :

the result (that can be seen carved on the birdhouse) :
and the analysis that proves that it is made of 2 knots !! Shame on me…
For the next one, I’ll be working more upstream on the knot pattern.
Or maybe I’ll make another kind of decoration.
in any case, don’t tell the chickadees, they might refuse to come nest there! 😉
and if you want to embark on the drawing of knots, 2 places are available for my workshop at Welkenraedt!
Alternatively, you can also play with the automatic knotting tool available in the site resources.


By popular demand, here is a pic of the home made tools I use for slate engraving.

As you can see, it’s a simple nail with a wooden handle, used for thin strokes and an old bevelled knife used a a chisel.

And soon, new pics of m ongoing project that comes to its end…