WIFI code & contest

 I have fun with lettering and after my supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, I wanted to do something else without really knowing what.

And then I thought that this kind of lettering, not necessarily easy to decipher, could be useful. You’re tired of not remembering your passwords or your wifi code but you don’t want to display them too obviously? I can write them down for you!

As an example, here is a wifi code containing 8 lowercase letters, 9 uppercase letters, 2 special characters, 4 numbers and 3 latin abbreviations.

The first person to give me the right transcription as a comment on my french blog (go to the bottom of the page : https://cutt.ly/6WrOP1X) will receive the original of this code as well as a small filigree letter with the initial of his choice.

And to help you even more, here is a version of the same code without the decoration.

E ?

Little exercise to pass the time: what romantic text am I working on?

The clue is of course the letter which starts the text (and the gilding is part of the solution).
As it’s a bit tenuous, another clue is prose, it’s in French and I’ve already calligraphed a text by this author.

Whoever gives me the author’s name will get something when the post office starts working normally again.
And another thing for the person who finds the passage in question.
Take care and stay at home 🙂