happy new year

I didn’t post a lot lately. Partly because I had no time, partly because I’m lazy and partly because I was busy creating new stuff.
To apologize, I wish you happiness, health and prosperity for this new year.
And, as for a new start, here is a how to create a wish thing with a minimum of material and by recycling daily things.

1- take a lid from a jam pot (or other lid from other pot, beans is also a good choice).

2- draw, calligraph your text, pattern, thing with a marker on the lid.

3- Remove the paint with a nail (like the one that can been seen on the bottom right of the image) or any other tool suitable.

4- Once the pattern totally clean from the paint, use a battery connected to cotton bud to electro-etch the cleaned surfaces.

5- To remove the remaining paint, you can sand the lid or, if you’re as lazy as I am, just use a soldering lamp to burn the paint (beware of the fumes, probably very toxic !)
You’ll have to end with a bit of sanding with a emery cloth and that’s it !

Once you’ve taken a good pic of your etched lid, everyone will envy you 🙂

And if you prefer something more traditionnal, here are Jacques Brel‘s wishes on January 1978.

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