Insurrection is a duty

This is, in essence, what article 35 of one of the first versions of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen said in case of government bankruptcy (i.e. when the government violates the rights of the people).
I find that this is a situation that is ocurring more and more often, and I deplore, first of all, that this happens, and secondly, that this article was not retained in later versions and written into our constitution.
In short, I am not going to get into political considerations, here is my calligraphic interpretation of this article.

I calligraphed the whole thing with a piece of bevel-cut wood (two edges, one at each end), using Payne grey in watercolour and cadmium red as a pigment with gum arabic. The signature was made with iron gall ink.

And I had to abbreviate by suspension the word “indispensable” twice (ie I removed the N’s), with a titulus in order to keep the layout. For the same reasons, I used an ampersand from the Tironian notes in the 5th and 7th lines.