One is alone…

…with everything one loves.

It’s NOVALIS who said that in his Fragments. I find this sentence beautiful but its shortness makes it difficult to do something with it so I worked on it in the same spirit as the previous short phrases (eg the ones from Wittgentstein, Eluard, Oscar Wilde or Rilke).

As I’ve been playing a lot with electro-etching lately, I decided to recycle tin boxes for this project.

To add some variety, I drew the first part of the sentence with typographic shapes, one letter per bit of metal, and wrote the second part with an italian script of the XVIth century (many thanks to my master, Keith Adams, who taught me everything I know about it).

So as to vary the textures, I ended by applying different operations to some of the metal bits like :



I quite like the result and I think I’ll continue with electro-etching & recycling 🙂

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